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MA Education consultancy works with local and national authority, educational organisations, community groups and charities, to support them bridge the gap between community, education and research.
We seek the best ways to access and listen to communities’ voices, recognising that these voices are the drivers of change in education and research. We support clients by creating shared spaces for dialogue and co-creation, conducting research and offering training, in order to empower communities and organisations to work together.
We recognise that collaboration and co-production looks different depending on context, and we take pride in how closely we work with each client, delivering a bespoke service every time.

“If the structure does not permit dialogue the structure must be changed”

― Paulo Freire

Finished off a long week with the lovely folk at @PaperSheffield talking all things antiracism, microaggressions, allyship and 'safe' spaces!

Thinking critically about what it means to ACTIVELY and MEANINGFUL embed antiracist practice.

It was a real pleasure, thank you! 🤎

Full day learning about racial awareness and how to be anti-racist. I took a lot from it personally, but also professionally. I've worked hard to think "systemically" and it's refreshing to apply this thinking to a different topic than just service delivery. Thanks @Muna_Abdi_Phd

Here are some recommendations Muna made to read:


Also on Amazon if that's your preferred book store.

Also, get in touch with @MAEducationCon1 if you're interested.

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