MA Education consultancy works with local and national organisations that are private, public and third sector. We work with clients to bridge the gap between community, education and research.
We seek the best ways to access and listen to communities’ voices, recognising that these voices are the drivers of change in education and research. We support clients by creating shared spaces for dialogue and co-creation, conducting research and offering training, in order to empower communities and organisations to work together.
We recognise that collaboration and co-production may look different depending on context, and we take pride in how closely we work with each client, delivering a bespoke service every time.



Dr Muna Abdi Is the Founder and Director of MA Education Consultancy. Dr Abdi holds a PhD in Education and has over 10 years experience in education, research and community engagement.

Dr Abdi’s innovative approach to research and engagement uses sharing circles and community contracts to redefine what it means to ‘actively participate’. The approach has been used to develop community-centred research, co-created curricula and restorative practice programmes. 


Beliefs and Values

The work of MA Education consultancy is shaped by and aligned to, these core beliefs and values:

Collaboration is at the heart of our work. As consultants we enable clients to identify and work with their key stakeholders in order to produce outcomes that reflect the needs of all.

Growth requires discomfort and so we challenge our clients to think differently about their practice and support them, as they navigate the process of change.

Organisational culture change can only happen if you reach hearts and minds, and this requires courage. We work closely with leadership teams to develop a clarity of vision with a moral purpose, that recognises the contextual needs of their organisation and their stakeholders.

Our ‘sharing circle’ methods are designed to create spaces that value the contributions and perspectives of a range of stakeholders. The circle represents the interconnectedness between humans and the ethics of care and compassion that underpin our work with clients.

We value optimism and creativity and work from a strengths- based approach. We enable clients to identify their strengths and align these to the values and visions of their organisation. We then work with them to identify gaps or areas of concern, and co-design programmes for their development need.

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